Christmas Specials 2016

See the blackboard in the shop for our seasonal specials

Whole fresh barn reared turkeys

From 4kg (approx. 8¾lbs) to 10kg (approx.22lbs)
£7.40 per kg

Fresh turkey crowns

From 1kg (approx. 2¼lbs) to 6kg (approx. 13¼lbs)
£8.80 per kg

Same price as last year

Fresh chickens, large roasting chickens (capon style) and free range chickens

From 3kg (approx. 6½lbs) to 5kg (approx. 11lb)

Fresh Geese

From 5kg (approx. 11lbs) to 7kg (approx. 15½lbs)

Whole fresh ducks

2kg (approx. 4½lbs) to 3kg (approx. 6½lbs)

Same price as last year

“3 in 1”

Whole large ducks stuffed with a large fresh chicken which has a joint of pork in the middle
Approx. 3.5kg ( 7½lbs)

£35 each

Fresh game to order

Guinea Fowl

Homemade items

Pigs in blankets
Pork pies
Sausage rolls
Stuffing balls made with our finest pork sausage meat with sage and onion
A variety of Scotch Eggs