Quality Products

Select from our range of quality products. We have over 120 years of experience so you can be assured of the best advice when it comes to choosing your meat for any recipe you are going to prepare.

  • Beef
Bacon and Sausages

Our top-selling bacon is Ashley’s bacon which is a dry-cured, rindless, short-back bacon. This style of bacon contains no added water. The salt and cure (which includes a small amount of Demerara sugar) is rubbed into the meat and left for five days to finish the curing process. When complete the bacon is washed to remove any excess cure and is then ready to eat. Our range of sausages is nothing short of spectacular; pork; pork, tomato and basil; pork, chilli and garlic; pork, black pudding and smoked bacon; Cumberland; Cumberland with leek; Cumberland with cheddar and Chicken, ham and chorizo.


Our beef is locally sourced and handpicked to ensure the highest quality. All of our beef including best roasting joints, sirloin, hip bone and fore rib is hung for a minimum of twenty-one days. Whether you prefer T bone, sirloin, rump or fillet our steaks are second to none and can be cut to any size to suit your requirements.


Our mouth-watering locally sourced lamb is of the highest quality. Apart from the standard roasting joints, we have traditional and Barnsley chops, rack of lamb, guard of honour, minty lamb riblets and lamb cushions. The lamb cushion is a rolled boneless shoulder of lamb which has had the excess fat removed and has been flavoured with mint sauce.


You can purchase standard or free-range chicken of the highest quality at W T Hill and Son. Richard, Ashley or Steve will bone, joint and roll any chicken to suit your requirements. Why not try the chicken breast wrapped in bacon and stuffed with black pudding and sage and onion?


Pork chops, steaks, ribs, and belly pork are just some of the cuts that are available to you at W T Hill and Son. Slowly cooking a shoulder or spare rib of this finest quality meat will give you wonderful pulled pork which will melt in the mouth.

Home made products

Why not try our wide variety of cooked products? Our range of pies include steak; steak and kidney; chicken and mushroom; steak and stilton; beef, mushroom and Guinness; beef in red wine and minty lamb. We also produce homemade pasties; Cornish-style; Cornish-style Balti; Cornish-style hot and spicy; brunch (containing bacon, sausage and black pudding) and bacon, cheese and onion. In addition, we have delicious pork pies which come in two sizes. You can also select from a range of cooked meats including roast beef, roast pork and roast turkey which have a flavour superior to the steamed meats that are mass-produced. Other products include scotch eggs, sausage rolls and black pudding.

Other Products

In addition to our meat products, we sell a variety of cheeses, fruit and vegetables as well as a range of stuffings and sauces.