Christmas Specials 2023

See the blackboard in the shop for our seasonal specials

Christmas Opening Times

Friday22nd07:00 – 17:00Thursday28th08:00 – 15:00
Saturday23rd07:00 – 17:00Friday29th08:00 – 15:00
Sunday24th08:00 – 13:00Saturday30th08:00 – 15:00
Wednesday27thClosedTuesday2nd08:00 – 17:00

Whole fresh barn reared turkeys
From 4kg (approx. 8¾lbs) to 10kg (approx.22lbs)
£11.49 per kg

Fresh turkey crowns
From 1kg (approx. 2¼lbs) to 6kg (approx. 13¼lbs)
£12.49 per kg

Fresh chickens and large roasting chickens (capon style)
From 3kg (approx. 6½lbs) to 5kg (approx. 11lb)

Fresh Geese
From 5kg (approx. 11lbs) to 7kg (approx. 15½lbs)
Please check in store for availability

Whole fresh ducks
2kg (approx. 4½lbs) to 3kg (approx. 6½lbs)

“3 in 1”
Whole large ducks stuffed with a large fresh chicken which has a joint of pork in the middle
Approx. 3.5kg ( approx. 7½lbs) to 4kg (approx 9lbs)
£50 each

Duck stuffed with turkey crown
Approx. 3.5kg ( approx. 7½lbs) to 4kg (approx 9lbs)
£50 each

Fresh game to order

Stuffed Pheasant
Stuffed Partridge
Stuffed Mallard
Guinea Fowl

Homemade items

Pigs in blankets
Pork pies (plain, pork with black pudding or pork with egg)
Sausage rolls
Selection of Pies and Pasties
A variety of cooked meats
Stuffing balls made with our finest pork sausage meat with sage and onion
A variety of Scotch Eggs
A variety of cheeses

Seasonal fruit and vegetables